Death and Mourning

The death of a loved one is difficult under any circumstances, but with the support of the TBI community, you need never face it alone.

For those nearing death, and for their loved ones, our rabbis provide comfort, guidance, blessings, and assistance with funeral arrangements.

Funeral services are generally held at the Jewish Memorial Gardens, Springvale Botanical Cemetery, but can also be conducted in the Jewish sections of other cemeteries.

On the evening of the funeral, minyanim (evening prayers, including memorial prayers for the deceased) are held either at TBI or in a family home.

We recommend Melbourne’s Progressive Jewish Funeral service – Bet-Olam Jewish Funerals.

For information and resources of comfort and guidance, please visit or contact [email protected] or (03) 9883 6237.

For those finding it difficult to cope with illness, loss and grief, our rabbis and community are available to help.

If you or someone you know is in need of pastoral care, please contact us. If the matter is urgent please use our 24/7 Pastoral Care Line: (03) 9039 1818.

Start your planning or seek support with TBI – contact us here.

The founders of our Synagogue chose to place a memorial board at the rear of the Sanctuary knowing that members and friends would find great meaning in ensuring that their loved ones were memorialised in such a sacred and substantial space. To dedicate an inscription on our memorial board, please click here.