Adult Education

Lifelong Jewish education and learning is a “mitzvah”. TBI is proud to offer a range of courses and classes based in Melbourne, with some classes also running online. Learn Hebrew, current affairs, Jewish history and values, and more!

Scholar’s Series

Starting in March – 7.30pm each evening

A series of 4 thought-provoking sessions with special guest speakers, including:

5 March: “Navigating being a Jew in and Upside-Down World” with Lynda Ben-Menashe: Consultant to ECAJ and NSW Board of Deputies

20 March: “Hate Speech and ECAJ’s Legal Action” with Peter Wertheim: Co-CEO of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry

27 March: “My Life as a Jew” with Michael Gawenda: Author of ‘My Life as a Jew,’ former Editor in Chief of The Age

3 April: “Isolation of Jews of the Left” with Nick Dyrenfurth: Executive Director of the John Curtin Research Centre

Lynda Ben-Menashe

Multiple sessions – 5 & 6 March:
4pm Tuesday 5 March – for youth leaders
7.30pm Tuesday 5 March – as part of the “Scholars Series”
12.30pm Wednesday 6 March – for TBI members and interfaith leaders – Lunch & Learn (refreshments provided)
5pm Wednesday 6 March – for high school students

Aimed empowering late high school and tertiary levels, as well as interfaith leaders, these classes focus on talking about Israel in challenging times.

Performing several roles at the Jewish Board of Deputies (NSW) over 14 years, Lynda Ben-Menashe is an innovative builder of social capital who has worked in Australia and overseas in community and leadership development, advocacy, public diplomacy, education and publishing. With over 20 years of experience building capacity and mentoring leaders at all stages of their careers, Lynda now consults with community organisations and collaborates on projects designed to build social cohesion.

To sign up to your relevant session, choose one of the following options:

Beit Ha’Midrash

Starts again for 2024 on Sunday 25 February!

With Rabbi Fred Morgan. 4th Sunday of the month.

Monthly learning based on the Limmud booklet “War & Peace”. Texts from across Jewish and world history. Discussing the texts both as a group and in paired study (chavruta) in a sociable and stimulating environment.

Sponsored in part by Progressive Judaism Victoria (PJV)

Hebrew Course

TBI provides Hebrew classes in Melbourne tailored at various proficiency levels, spanning from beginners to advanced learners. This Hebrew program is specifically crafted for English-speaking adults who predominantly engage with Hebrew through Jewish religious practices (prayers, Torah readings, blessings and rituals, common Jewish phrases).

Learn Hebrew in Melbourne at TBI!

Hebrew Beginner Classes start Tuesday 6 February

Hebrew Intermediate Classes start Thursday 8 February

Pastoral Care Volunteers Training

Starts 6 March at 1pm

Provides basic certification for volunteer pastoral carers in hospitals

and nursing homes, including how to respond to their spiritual needs. Based on the Healthcare Chaplaincy Council of Victoria curriculum.

Trope/Leyning Class

Starts Wednesday 6 March at 7.30pm

With Cantor Michel Laloum

Learn the notation and cantillation of Torah trope. Completion will see you able to join the ranks of our Torah leyners, with the option to join in the focal point of the Shabbat Shacharit service.

Parashat HaShavua (Torah Study)

Saturdays, 9am

Join our Parashat HaShavua study group, led by one of our rabbis, where we delve into the Torah portion of the week. The classes often include an exciting discussion of Jewish life and values, alongside traditional learning. No prior knowledge is necessary – come and let’s bring Torah to life together!

This class is held both in person or online by clicking here.

Introduction to Judaism

Starts Tuesday 6 Febuary

TBI’s “Introduction to Judaism” is a year-long program crafted for those seeking a deeper connection to Jewish traditions. The course, featuring interactive sessions every Tuesday from 7.30pm, offers a multi-disciplinary explores beyond traditional texts and covers a broad range of themes.

Gain insights into Jewish history, thought, literature and practices. For those looking into conversion to Judaism in Melbourne, this is a fantastic step.