Pesach 2024 at TBI

Known in English as “Passover”, Pesach commemorates the Jewish people’s Exodus from Egypt in the 13th century BCE. The holiday is ritually observed via a special home service called a seder, and a festive meal, as well as the prohibition of chametz (leaven), and the eating instead of matzah (unleavened bread).

Pesach Seders

Women’s Seder

Sunday 14 April

6pm at TBI

Temple Beth Israel and Etz Chayim invite you to a pre-Pesach Women’s Seder!

Explore the issues and experiences confronting Jewish women today. We will consider the values in which we clothe ourselves as we wade through modern oppression paving a path to our freedom.

Chocolate Seder

Tuesday 16 April

4.30pm at TBI

Join us for a delicious time of tradition and togetherness at a Chocolate Seder!

Experience the magic of Pesach with a seder aimed at Primary School aged children.

Enjoy meaningful rituals and the warmth of community, as we come together to retell the Pesach story through the delectable medium of chocolate!

Facilitated by TBI, Etz Chayim and Netzer.

Pesach (2nd Night) Seder

Tuesday 23 April

7pm at TBI

Join us for a delightful evening of tradition and togetherness at TBI’s catered Pesach Seder!

Experience the magic of Pesach with a seder that blends rich history, meaningful rituals and the warmth of community, as we come together to retell the ancient story of liberation, sharing in the joy of freedom and renewal.

Pesach Events

Understanding Pesach in the context of our current reality

Tuesday 16 April

7.30pm at TBI

Rabbi Allison Conyer will deliver her fantastic Pre-Pesach presentation, originally delivered at Victoria’s Parliament House sponsored by PJV. Her interactive presentation will present the significance of the Pesach narrative in our current climate, providing a thought-provoking interpretation of our Pesach rituals in response to increased antisemitism and community divisions in our post October 7th reality.

Pesach Services

In addition to enjoying festive meals at our Seder events, we’re holding a number of dedicated Pesach services. Please join us:

Monday 22 April


Tuesday 23 April


Sunday 28 April


Monday 29 April



A Haggadah for You

A Passover Haggadah is a book outlining the order of the seder (the word ‘seder’ is order in Hebrew). Today there are literally hundreds of Haggadot (the Hebrew plural for Haggadah) available on the market, but here are a few that we have created especially for our Progressive community here in Melbourne.

Activities for Children

Seder Ideas

Counting the Omer

Blessed are you,
Adonai our God.
Sovereign of the world,
who sanctified us with mitzvot
and commanded us to count the Omer.

Baruch atah Adonai,

Eloheinu Melech ha’Olam

asher kid’shanu b’mitzvotav

v’tizivanu al sefirat ha’omer.

בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה
יְיָ אֱלֹהֵֽינוּ
מֶֽלֶךְ הָעוֹלָם
אֲשֶׁר קִדְּשָֽׁנוּ בְּמִצְוֺתָיו

After the blessing, one recites the appropriate day of the count. For example:

Hayom yom echad la’omer

Today is the first day of the omer.

After the first six days, one also includes the number of weeks that one has counted. For example:

Hayom sh’losha asar yom, she’hem shavuah echad v’shisha yamim la’omer