Adult Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah

The diversity and richness of the Jewish community means that not everyone has the opportunity to become bar or bat mitzvah at the traditional age of 13.

TBI offers pathways for an adult to celebrate their simchah later in life.

TBI offers tailored study programs, either individually or as a group, for adults wishing to be called to Torah as a bar/bat mitzvah.

Candidates may work with one of the Rabbis, on an individual basis or as part of a group.

Those looking to undertake the Adult B’nei Mitzvah journey may take classes, learning Hebrew, Jewish studies or Leyning to effectively lead a service as part of their bar or bat mitzvah.

There is also a tradition in Judaism that when one turns 83, one celebrates a second bar or bat mitzvah. This is a wonderful and unique way to celebrate a milestone, and can be marked either with an aliyah la torah (call-up to Torah) or by the individual leyning (chanting from the Torah).

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