B’ruchim Ha’baim  – Welcome!

We are all delighted to wish you and your loved ones, shana tova and to welcome you to this year’s services for the Yamim Noraim. Working together and in a harmonious spirit, we are focussed upon providing you an inclusive, thoughtful, and spiritually enriching, Progressive prayer experience. 

We live in a rapidly-changing world – each day brings with it new challenges, and it is comforting to know that we are part of shared tradition and customs to anchor us.

I look forward to sharing the meaning and music of the season with you, one that I pray will bring for each of us a year of health, happiness and personal and spiritual growth.  

Shanah Tova u’metukah,
Rabbi Gary J. Robuck
High Holy Day
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Temple Beth Israel
Temple Beth Israel is a kehila kedosha (spiritual community) bringing innovation and creativity to Jewish traditions. We provide multiple pathways for our members and friends to engage with Progressive Judaism that enhances their lives through spiritual enrichment, learning and community.
We are guided by principles of egalitarianism and respect for others. We are inspired to continually develop and grow and to provide a spiritual home for all who wish to embrace our values. We welcome your membership.
Thank You
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We are extremely grateful for the support and friendship of our Members and friends and their commitment to ensuring the smooth running of our upcoming High Holy Days.
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