We sang with Moses upon crossing the Sea of Reeds, with Miriam as she led the women in song and dance, with Deborah when Israel was victorious over the Canaanites. David the sweet singer of Israel would sing to calm the troubled soul of King Saul. The choir and orchestra of the Levites in the days of our ancient Temples would offer glory to God.

It is during the High Holy Days when the largest number of Jews attend synagogue. It is on these days that an inner connection between music and spirit is most keenly felt.  Music brings us together whether we are listening, singing along, feeling a rhythm or only a vibration around us.

We are not attending a concert; the experience is quite different. The melodies of the High Holy Days should help us to engage in self-evaluation, meditation, humility and a sense of contrition. Song in the synagogue is prayer to God. Song and melody can be so powerful that it can even overshadow text.