During times of uncertainty, we turn to our tradition for comfort. It is highly unlikely, however, that our children or their children will be able or willing to pay high membership fees to belong to our (or any) synagogue.

Appreciating this, we are dedicating our annual Kol Nidrei Appeal to reducing the cost of belonging for the first time in our history.

Your gift will guarantee our place as:

  • a respected and dynamic house of prayer;
  • an innovative and engaging centre of learning; and,
  • an inclusive and informed community of action.


We have selected a project that addresses the desperate need to help those children who have suffered trauma as a result of the rocket attacks from Gaza.

More than one million children were subjected to emergency sirens and incoming rockets. For many, this was their first experience running to a bomb shelter or safe room, yet one that will be etched in their memories forever. Their sense of security has been shattered. Many remain frightened and continue to suffer.

This year’s Kol Nidre appeal will support rehabilitation grants for children experiencing PTSD triggered by the recent attacks. These grants will provide alternative semi-therapeutic activities to aid their recovery and strengthen resilience. Together, we have a chance to change the trajectory of their lives, through the provision of treatments such as art and animal therapy.


Each year, we use the High Holy Days – our season of reflection and recommitment to join with Mazon Australia to respond to the needs of the homeless and hungry in our community.

In any other year, we would do this by inviting you to take a brown bag from shule of Rosh Hashanah and return it filled on or before Sukkot.

The continued spread of covid has made this physically impossible but your purchase of our Virtual Mazon Bags will enable us to fight food insecurity in Australia.

Virtual Mazon Bag filled with non-perishable items
Virtual Mazon Bag filled with fresh produce
Virtual MazonBag filled with non-perishable items and fresh produce