Lifelong Jewish learning is a “mitzvah”.

TBI is proud to offer a myriad of learning opportunities for all age groups.


The program will be run by Rabbi Gary and Ido Sagir for children aged 0–6 years. Come join us Friday 9 December 4:00-5:00 at TBI.

Tuesday (St Kilda) and Thursday (Bentleigh) 4-6pm

Our after-school education program for primary-school aged students in Prep to Grade 5 run jointly by Temple Beth Israel and Etz Chayim Progressive Synagogue. Learn the Jewish calendar, Torah, values, rituals, languages and  more, through the teachings of Progressive Judaism.

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Tuesdays 4-6pm
(during school term)

Study Torah stories and explore Jewish history, peoplehood, mitzvot and values, develop Hebrew language skills and prepare for your b’nei mitzvah journey.

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Binah (understanding) is the experiential, hands-on learning component of TBI’s B’nei Mitzvah journey. It aims to develop comradery within the B’nei Mitzvah class, while engaging the students in T’filah, Text, Jewish Values, Culture and Social Action.

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Like interacting with younger kids? Interested in learning more about teaching? Want to develop leadership skills? Keen to participate in social action projects?

If you are post-b’nei-mitzvah age and interested in becoming a teacher’s assistant or volunteer, please contact us!

TBI thanks CJES and its generous supporters for helping to enable our youth education programs.


Saturdays, 9am

Parashat HaShavua is a study group led by one of the rabbis, focusing on the Torah portion of the week, with commentaries from Jewish tradition used to supplement learning and stimulate discussion. Join us as we bring Torah to life! No prior knowledge required.

This class is held both in person or online by clicking here.

At TBI, lifelong learning is key to everything we do.

Under Rabbi Gary J Robuck’s direction, the synagogue is working hard in 2022 to both increase the number of classes available and to enhance the depth of what is on offer for adult Jewish learners.

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TBI offers Hebrew classes for beginners through to advanced, with the courses designed for English-speaking adults who primarily encounter the Hebrew language through Jewish religious life (prayers, Torah readings, the blessings and rituals of Jewish home observances, and words or phrases from Jewish culture).

Hebrew – Taking the Next Step with Karen Rosauer (4 x 2 hrs) – October 31 – November 21 (four sessions) 7-9.15pm

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Education is a core element of the Jewish experience, and we take it upon ourselves to share our traditions, customs and way of viewing the world.

We offer incursions and excursions for students, professional development courses for educators, and tours for community groups.

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TRIBE is a customised, year-long program of adult Jewish learning offered by TBI and developed and presented by Rabbi Gary Robuck, to support individuals and families interested in deepening their knowledge and experience of Judaism.

While inspired in part by a 2017 curriculum developed by the Central Conference of American Rabbis/URJ for introductory students, TRIBE goes further, providing students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences with the chance to go beyond the text and enjoy a 21-session, multi-disciplinary program that explores a broad range of themes.

Classroom sessions take place on Tuesdays 7.30-9.15pm. Each session features a uniquely designed PowerPoint presentation, complemented by a range of insightful background readings, instructive, entertaining videos, and a 15-minute summary of the week’s Torah reading.

With Rabbi Robuck as your guide, TRIBE provides a fascinating bird’s-eye view of Jewish history, thought, literature and practice.

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