Join our Rosh HaShanah Tot Service online Hakafah
(Torah passing dance party)!

When we take the Torah out from the Ark, we pass it through the community, called a hakafah, so everyone can be close to Torah. You might have even seen someone kiss the Torah with their tallit (prayer shawl) or siddur (prayer book).

This year, although we can’t all be together in our Sanctuary, we wanted to make sure everyone has a Torah close to them.

Create your Torah at home, then film yourself with your Torah for our Rosh HaShanah Tot Service online hakafah (Torah passing dance party)!

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Choose Your Torah

Torah 1

Torah 2

Torah 3


Print the instructions here

You will need

  • to Print a Torah design (see below)
  • coloured pencils/textas
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • paper, tissues, cotton wool or other material to stuff your Torah
  • iphone/camera

Step 1: Choose a Torah design (see below and print the front and back on A4 or A3 paper)

Step 2: Colour in each side of your Torah and cut out each side.

Step 3: Use the stapler to join the front and the back of the Torah. As you are going, use your stuffing to fill out the Torah.

Step 4: To film you passing your Torah, hold your camera landscape and take a video. Imagine that someone has handed you a Torah on the left side of your body, bring your Torah in front of you across your body, all the way to your right side and imagine you are passing the Torah to someone else.

Step 5: Send your videos to [email protected] and they will be included in a collection for Rosh HaShana Tot services on Friday September 18th at 3.30pm! We look forward to seeing you there. Shana Tovah!