Who likes to hear the shofar blast?
(And sing along)!

Though shofars come in a variety of shapes and sizes (each making unique sounds), there is a traditional set of blasts made during the High Holy Day services.

There are four sounds the shofar makes and each has a different name:

Tekiah—One long, unbroken sound; Shevarim—Three medium-length broken sounds; Teruah—Series of nine staccato sounds; and Tekiah Gedolah—One long, unbroken blast held as long as possible with a louder ending.

Create your Shofar at home, then photograph yourself with your Shofar for our Rosh HaShanah Tot Service “Shofar Blast Music Video”.

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click here to print the instructions

Create your own shofar at home, then photograph yourself blasting the shofar for our Rosh HaShanah Tot Service online Shofar Chorus!

You will need: 

  • shofar template (below)
  • a hole-punch
  • scissors
  • wool or string
  • paper, tissues, cotton wool or other material for stuffing your shofar.
  • iphone/camera

Part 1: Make your Shofar

  1. Print your shofar template here (or click the image below)

2. Colour in each shofar

3. Cut out each shofar and use the hole-punch to cut out the holes around each shofar.

4. Beginning at the smaller end, weave the wool/string through the holes, sewing the shofar together. As you are sewing it together, use your stuffing to fill out the shofar.

Activity Part 2: Photograph you and your shofar blasts!

  1. Take a photo of your family blasting your new shofar!
    The shots should be taken with the camera held landscape, like this:

2. Send your videos to [email protected] and they will be included in a collection for Rosh HaShanah Tot services on Friday September 18th at 3.30pm!