TBI’s response to the conflict and situation in Israel

We stand with Israel

The unprovoked and unprecedented attack on Israel on October 7 left approximately 1200 Israelis dead, with over 200 people subsequently taken captive. Following this attack, the government of Israel mobilised its reserves and declared a state of war.

Many in our community have described their sense of loss, worry, shock and grief. The ramifications of the attack and the subsequent war have been felt globally, including amongst those in our community here in Melbourne. The concern we have for friends and loved-ones living and/or fighting in Israel, as well as the recent rise in anti-Semitism is undoubtedly causing anxiety and distress. The local Jewish community and our congregation are continuously working to provide support to our Israeli cousins who are directly affected, as well as those of us here in Melbourne who are affected by the news, hate and stress of the situation. We are also here to provide a sense of hope and comfort at this most difficult and tragic time.

We also recognise the remarkable solidarity within the Jewish community, forged by the sense of being under siege. Rarely have we seen or experienced our community, the broader Melbourne, Australian and international Jewish communities so widely unified in support of Israel – regardless of diverse politics, practices and where we may stand on the current Israeli government.

Some actions we have organised and witnessed since October 7, have included:

  • A Solidarity Gathering at the Shul on 8 October – thank you the hundreds of people who attended both in person and online, and those who assisted in its planning and delivery
  • Melbourne Jewish community’s solidarity event on 9 October, sponsored by several prominent  organisations including, but not limited to, Zionism Victoria and the JCCV, and with a Prayer for Israel delivered by Rabbi Robuck
  • An outpouring of support from the local Jewish community, as well as our inter-faith allies, for Israel’s people, including many other events, appeals, fundraising efforts, donation drives and more (many are listed below)

There is a well-accepted rabbinic view known as Tzedakah tatzil mimavet – how acts of justice and generosity can perpetuate the memory of those who have died. With that in mind and to honour the memory of Israel’s fallen, we have collected some resources that you can view below, including a list of charitable organisations that have established their appeals in support of the state and citizens of Israel. Please offer your support and give as generously as you can – see below some ways you can help.

Your team at TBI are here and available to support you however possible. We encourage you to contact us for any reason, and we are always open to hearing how you think TBI can play a meaningful role going forward and help all our members and friends to stand with Israel.

Am Yisrael Chai

Updated 15 February 2023  |  6 Adar I 5784

Where can I Donate?

If you are looking to show support in a practical and pro-active way, there are a number of efforts that you may donate to. We have compiled a list of suggestions.

In light of the current crisis, in order to provide the support and security that our community needs throughout this time, we also ask that if you can spare some funds for the Shul, that you consider making a donation to TBI – click here.

Get or Give Support

Support is available with your friends and family at TBI, and we have a number of avenues through which you can find strength in this time.

A number of organisations are also offering support services to our community, with details on their programs below. We have also compiled some statements from those within the community that may offer some clarity.

For children and youth

Our children, whether they primary, secondary or tertiary aged, may have questions about October 7 or feeling the effects of its aftermath and the ongoing war.

A message from our friends at the King David School:

Our children are aware of what is happening and we need to know how to respond to them. It is really worth reading the two websites below so you feel equipped with some principles and ideas about how to talk to children on this topic.

Pray or Sing in solidarity

If you would like to pray for those impacted, we have collected some prayers that are especially suitable to this time. For those who find solace or inspiration in song, we have compile a list of songs to listen to.

Find out more

Many organisations and individuals in the community are holding streams and information sessions with more info and occasionally the opportunity for you to discuss your own thoughts.