Project Dignity Crisis Relief

The Project Dignity Crisis Relief program was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to provide support to refugee students and their families seeking asylum in Australia. As many of these people lost employment, are not eligible for any Government assistance, and do not have access to sufficient food and other basic provisions, our priority is to provide them with access to these essentials.

In partnership with Hope Co-op we have offered support to over 160 individuals in more than 50 households across Melbourne, with donations of fresh and non-perishable food and some requested items such as clothing, blankets, and furniture. We have also been able to assist The Salvation Army Asylum Seeker Support Service in Brunswick.

We extend our gratitude to:

  • Generous donors who enable us to bulk purchase non-perishable foods and other essentials, and who also donate vouchers, food and other items.
  • Wonderful cooks who, with the help of TBI’s Take Them a Meal Program, have cooked more than 2000 nutritious meals.
  • Sewing volunteers who created masks to ensure compliance and safety for the vulnerable during COVID-19 restrictions.
  • TBI, Mazon AustraliaPort Philip Community Group‘s ‘Share the Food Program’, and Sourdoughmain for their ongoing support.

We also accept donations of supermarket vouchers, non-perishable food, and cooked meals.

For more information or to get involved, please contact organisers Elly Brooks: 0409 002 485 or Nicole Brown: 0425 774 712