Illustrated Torah Study

Our Dr Suzanna Geiro Illustrated Torah (dedicated by Drs Alla and Mark Medownick to Alla’s late mother, Susanna Geiro) sits in the George Shannon foyer of the TBI Sanctuary. Each parashah and haftarah is depicted on a single panel filled with paintings and Hebrew and English text, all beautifully and thoughtfully compiled by Venice-based Israeli artist Michal Meron. The Illustrated Torah scroll assists those across different generations and degrees of Torah experience to engage with the weekly readings. Through this experience the stories, values and history of our Torah come to life.

Our Education and Engagement Mashpia Tammy Cohen has spent much time exploring the images and texts together with our youngest community members, and created the below study boards.

To learn more about honouring a loved one or celebrating a simchah through sponsoring a parashah in our Illustrated Torah, please click here