Beit Sefer Chayim (St Kilda) – Term 1 – LTLC North, South, Centre

– Snacks (muesli bars and mandarins and apples *30 of each per week needed) set on trays
– Water jugs
– reuseable dishwasher safe plastic cups
In LTLC central by 3.30pm

– Open ark, turn on lights etc

North / South set up TBC – likely to be 2 tables and chairs for 10 set up people in one corner of the classroom and clear space in the rest of the space. Same in both North and South.

at 3.30pm Open Foyer doors to Sanctuary
at 3.40-4.10pm and 5.50-6pm caretaking support on the gate until families are used to using the code to get in

Day timetable:
3.30-4pm drop off
4pm – 5.40pm classes
5.40pm-6pm tefilah (most weeks in Sanctuary)
5.50-6.10pm pick up


Feb 02 2021


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


TBI-1-LTLC South (63)
TBI-1-LTLC South (63), TBI-1-LTLC North (30)
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