Contemporary Jewish healing services began in the 1980s. For many people struggling with illness, these rituals provide community, inspiration, and a place where the focus is on healing the spirit rather than curing the body.

Services vary widely, but standard elements often include meditation, chanting, music, prayer, guided visualization and teaching from traditional and contemporary Jewish texts.

For many who attend Jewish healing events, the power of the events lies in the feeling of rootedness to Jewish tradition created by the use of Hebrew and references to Jewish texts and stories, and in the feeling of connection evoked through gathering together with other Jews.

Our healing service is open to everyone seeking community and comfort. The service is designed to build a community of healing; to bring well-being and wholeness to those and their loved ones facing challenges, and offer others the opportunity to stand with them.

This year we are inviting our members and friends to share a blessing and messages of healing which we will include in our healing service on Yom Kippur.

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