Where innovation and tradition meet


ברוכים הבאָים


TBI is a spiritual community that practises a living Judaism inspired by Torah and guided by tradition.

We dedicate ourselves to learning the lessons of our past in order to shape our present and define our future.

TBI has a long and proud history as a sacred community and ethical voice committed to regeneration, both within and outside our doors.

We embrace diversity, not simply in word, but also in deed.

We welcome your interest in our community and invite you to explore our offerings.


Shavuot at TBI

Join us in celebrating the giving of the Torah and 10 Commandments through fun children’s activities, service, potluck dinner, cheesecake competition and plenty of opportunities for thoughtful learning and insightful discussion. We’ve got a whole “menu” of activities planned!

Tuesday 11 June

Children’s activities from 4.30pm onwards

Service, dinner and more from 6.30pm onwards

TBI Stands with Israel

The unprovoked and unprecedented attack on Israel recently has caused many in our community to experience a sense of loss, worry, shock and grief. In Melbourne, the Jewish community and our congregation are working to create meaningful responses to these events, demonstrate our support for our Israeli cousins, and to feel a sense of hope and comfort at this most difficult and tragic time.

Your team at TBI are here and available to support you however possible. We encourage you to utilise the resources we have collected, which includes ways to assist those affected, as well as resources to support you and your family through this time.

Am Yisrael Chai

Family Shabbat

For those wanting to connect with other families in the community or entertain the kids in a Progressive Jewish setting on a Friday afternoon, Family Shabbat is back! Bring in Shabbat with the whole family, with fun activities and songs, storytelling and lively music.

Starts Friday 10 May, and continues on 14 June, 12 July, 9 August, 13 September, 8 November…
at 4.15pm

TBI Book Store

Since time immemorial, the Jewish people have been known as the people of the Book. While the term has had multiple meanings throughout history, it most often refers to the intimate connection between the Jews and the Torah – the Hebrew Bible (Tanach), and the many books associated with it, such as the Talmud, commentaries, and codes of Jewish law.

We are TBI believe that books are an important part of any Jewish home and pleased to make these important books available to our members and friends.

TBI is a spiritual community where innovation and tradition meet. We provide multiple pathways to celebrate Jewish life, practise Jewish tradition, and create meaningful rituals.

TBI is a learning community. We seek to understand the past, embrace the present, and shape the future, engaging with our tradition and telling our people’s story to a new generation.

TBI is a community of action. We practice living and giving Judaism person to person, creating sanctuaries throughout our community — in the home, on the street, and at the park.


For online versions of our live and previously recorded religious services, visit our Youtube Channel.

We invite you to join us as we pray, learn and be together.


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